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Saturday, 13 August, 2022


At Parker Lewis Investments, we offer highly personalised private real estate investment services with a focus on preserving and growing the wealth of our clients through the generations. Located in the heart of Vienna, the company draws on expertise from top specialists from around the world, delivering global investment services across currencies and markets.


We start all new investment relationships with a detailed understanding of our clients goals, plans and risk tolerance, and then translate these into bespoke investment strategies. One of the distinguishing characteristics of our bank is our ability to deliver on strategies that match clients’ expectations over time. At Parker Lewis Investments, we create bespoke investment strategies that faithfully reflect a client’s risk profile and long-term plans, buffering against short-term changes in financial markets and investment conditions. We draw from a large pool of talented experts to deliver sustainable growth and long-term value for our clients. Our highly personalized approach to service has several implications on how we operate. We choose to remain small, working with a limited number of clients with whom we share common values. We are devoted to serving private clients almost exclusively, avoiding other financial activities that involve substantial forms of risk.


At Parker Lewis, we attribute a large part of our success to a combination of two things: people and place. We attract exceptional talent from around the world and offer the kind of working environment that allows great people to thrive. One of the key features of our bank is its “flat” management-by-association structure, which encourages individual responsibility while also promoting cooperation. Our team of private real estate advisors combined with investment banking form the pillar of our organisation, acting as custodians of our clients’ assets. They are supported by the finest portfolio managers, investment specialists, economists and researchers — each contributing their own technical expertise to a bank that is inherently structured for performance.


Parker Lewis Investments uses a wide choice of investment funds. This allows the company to maintain independence at all times in our investment choices, while giving our clients access to top performing funds.