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Saturday, 13 August, 2022


Parker Lewis and the Environment

The environment and sustainability are very important issues to Parker Lewis (PL). The company is currently working towards accreditation for our environmental management systems. Company policy has been approved by the Management Board and implementation is currently being piloted in London with a view to imminent application to the rest of the national network. 

PL has launched an environmental logo that is carried through all our new marketing material.


  • All new PL stationery is sourced from recycled material and carries the PL environmental logo
  • All new PL marketing materials (brochures, pens, pads and promotional items) are sourced from recycled materials and carries the environmental logo
  • Paper, plastic and can recycling bins are installed throughout the PL offices
  • PL recycles all white paper and magazines, cardboard, toner cartridges and paper cups
  • PL supplies recycled plain paper for photocopying
  • PL source environmentally friendly cleaning products

Energy Efficiency

  • Reduce the use of paper to rely more on electronic communication and not print emails unnecessarily
  • Reduce paper marketing and replace with digital marketing
  • Order replacement printers capable of double-side printing/ photocopying
  • Turn off all computers including monitors at night
  • Source energy efficient light bulbs and turn off all lights at night


  • Ensure partners conform with our environmental objectives
  • Promote car pooling/sharing
  • Encourage staff to cycle to work and consider a bike scheme wherever practicable
  • Promote the use of conferencing calls where possible, particularly as an alternative to air travel